Bridges Health Services Thursday announced a consolidation that give the company a bigger presence in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

It includes deals with Las Vegas-based home health and hospice companies Gentlecare Home Health and Renaissance Hospice, as well as Los Angeles-based home health and hospice companies Supreme Healthcare Inc. and Supreme Hospice Inc.

California-based Bridges Health Services, offering skilled home health services and hospice care for more than a decade, said the merger integrates the delivery of community-based healthcare within an AI platform. Bridges also recently partnered with a crisis management team to offer unique solutions to combat crises such as COVID-19.

“The traditional approach of our healthcare delivery system focuses on treatment rather than prevention,” Bridges founder Carolyn Romero, R.N., said in a press release.  “At Bridges Health Services, we pride ourselves on integrating promotive, preventative, curative and palliative health solutions with the use of revolutionary AI technology and our highly skilled healthcare professionals. This merger has brought together companies with the same values of honesty, integrity and innovation.”

According to her LinkedIn profile, Romero was already connected with several of the new affiliates through leadership positions.

This article originally appeared on McKnight's Senior Living