Happy young female caregiver or healthcare worker visiting senior man indoors at home, talking and smiling.

After caring for her epileptic daughter up until her death, no one would’ve blamed Cheryl Hall if she walked away from caregiving. But rather than be discouraged by the tragedy she’s endured, the Griswold Nashville caregiver draws on her experiences to help her clients write their own happy endings. 

“I could help [my daughter] as far as their physical needs and everything, but I couldn’t help her get better,” Hall told McKnight’s Home Care Daily Pulse. “But what I do now, I can actually help people gain independence back. It’s just nice to watch [a patient] and see the little victories that they get, when they can do something else they couldn’t do prior.”

Although she studied phlebotomy in school, Hall was drawn to the home care industry after serving as her daughter’s full-time caregiver and is approaching her 6-year anniversary with Griswold. Her self-described “gift of gab” and patience made the professional transition a cinch. Today, she works with two clients: one recovering from a stroke and one with Parkinson’s. Like any good caregiver, she knows how to take a balanced approach when it comes to interacting with patients.

“I’ve also found that even with stroke patients, you can’t treat them like a child,” Hall said. “You have to treat them as an adult and you have to let them make decisions. You can’t make all the decisions so I give them choices. Sometimes you have to put your foot down and say ‘You’re gonna do this.’”

As Hall has experienced both personally and professionally, the role of caregiver can be emotionally and physically taxing. But for her, the effort is always worth it. 

“A lot of people think that because you work in someone’s home that you’re sitting around all day,” said Hall. “Not true, there’s always something to do. Sweeping, doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking meals. Things just to make everything good for the person you’re taking care of.” 

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