Masked nurses at table for orientation

Compensation took a backseat to effective orientation and onboarding in a recent survey of home care employees on recruitment and retention strategies.

Healthcare technology firm Axxess and healthcare consulting firm SimiTree polled more than 1,800 home care workers — from all levels — last December and found more than 80% favored more robust orientation and onboarding programs in engaging with employers. Half of those surveyed also favored better work/life balance and meaningful feedback from supervisors. They ranked compensation further down the list, along with recognition programs and professional development opportunities.

“This report gets to the heart of major staffing and workforce development challenges in the care-at-home industry and shows concrete areas where organizations can focus to help attract and retain top talent,” Axess founder and CEO John Olajide said in a press release.

The majority of home care workers surveyed also cited easy-to-use software as an important component in their jobs. They also wanted software that was fully integrated with other software being used, came with effective training and had automated workflows.

Approximately two-thirds of the workers who responded to the survey had been at their jobs two years or less.