caregiver helps senior out of chair

A new partnership between in-home care provider MedArrive and Molina Healthcare of Texas could lay the groundwork for more home-based care for seniors and other at-risk patients.

The pilot will provide physician-led telehealth visits and in-home, hands-on care from paramedics and emergency medical technicians to Molina patients in Houston. However, MedArrive CEO Dan Trigub told McKnight’s Home Care Daily Pulse in an email the partnership could be expanded throughout Texas.

“A key metric that will drive expansion is our ability to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and ED visits,” Trigub said in an email. “So far, we have seen data showing a reduction of hospitalizations by 30% in their patients, while increasing PCP engagement by 20%.”  

The patients MedArrive will serve are among the most vulnerable and have difficulty navigating the health care system, according to Trigub. Many have comorbidities and complex care needs that will require MedArrive teams to initially make multiple trips to the patients’ home until they are stabilized. The teams will also provide episodic care for vaccinations and exams. Trigub said they will also address social determinants of health.

“Patients are helped with everyday needs, set up with specialists, connected to equipment and transportation needs, Trigub explained. 

MedArrive has been on a growth spurt since Trigub, a former Uber Health executive , co-founded MedArrive in late 2020 with $4.5 million in seed funding. Last summer, California-based nonprofit SCAN Group made a strategic investment in MedArrive, following a successful collaboration between the SCAN and MedArrive to vaccinate its Medicare Advantage members. Last month, MedArrive announced a partnership with eye disease screening firm Spect to provide in-home retinal screenings to patients.