Caregiver in her car uses electronic health technology with a voice-to-text feature.

A Mosaic clinician utilizes electronic health record technology that offers a voice-to-text feature.

Home health provider Mosaic Life Care in St. Joseph, MO, a longtime user of MatrixCare’s electronic health record (EHR) technology, found that patient note-taking was prone to errors, inaccuracies and missing information. This was largely due to caregivers waiting to take notes until the conclusion of their shifts. Besides forgetting important details, caregivers often had to take their work home to input patient data. 

Fortunately, since moving to MatrixCare’s voice-to-text feature last year, the St. JOseporganization has more accurate patient data, and caregivers enjoy a simpler workflow.

The provider’s record-keeping turnaround with the new technology earned it the Gold Award in the 2021 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards in the Home Care track in the Keep it Super Simple category.

Caregivers reacted positively when Mosaic Life Care first presented the voice-to-text idea.

“We sent out an email asking who would want to use it, and got a larger response than expected,” Tiffany Reynolds, solutions administrator of Home Health & Hospice at Mosaic, told McKnight’s Home Care Daily.

Mosaic Life Care first implemented the technology in November 2020 in 10 test trials — five in the home health department and five in the hospice department. Seeing its success, the product team quickly integrated it into the rest of the patient data systems.

With voice-to-text, caregivers are now able to speak their narratives while interacting directly with the patient, which helps them to not take work home, explained Reynolds.

“Patients also like it because they can hear what we are putting in our notes and can correct clinicians if there are inaccuracies,” Reynolds added.

The technology improved the accuracy of patient notes by approximately 60%, according to Jill Bongiorni, VP at Mosaic Life Care.

“Voice recognition technology has been a simple, but effective tool for Mosaic Life Care to improve the patient experience, increase clinician satisfaction and enhance the accuracy and length of patient documentation for more informed care,” she wrote in the award-winning entry.

Amidst caregiver shortages, it is imperative that caregivers find ways to use their time efficiently while keeping the focus on patients, she added. 

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