Senior man using smart phone app

Two separate collaborations announced this week will leverage technology to help older adults age safely at home.

On Tuesday technology-based, in-home senior care company Care Daily announced a collaboration with Kore, a leader in internet of things solutions (IoT).

IOT is a collective network of connected devices and technologies that allow communication between those devices and the internet.

Silicon Valley-based Care Daily uses Artificial Intelligence and IoT to help seniors living at home communicate with healthcare providers and their families. The AI platform uses sensors and devices placed around the home to collect data. Through the collaboration, Kore will help provide scalable wireless connectivity. 

On Monday, home health services provider OneWell announced an alliance with remote patient monitoring firm Artemis Care. Through the partnership, seniors who use OneWell’s SmartCare platform will be able to use in-home equipment to measure their vital signs and submit the health assessments via smartphones or Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. The SmartCare platform provides seniors with reminders about medical and social appointments, as well as daily check-ins.

“This opportunity to partner with OneWell and integrate our technology with OneWell’s superlative services brings the best of all worlds to the participants, allowing them to be more independent, cared for, and safer at home,” Artemis Care founder and President Arun Bantval said in a statement. “The ability to personalize and customize the solution to individual care needs means that the participants will get the right care they need when they need it.” 

Demand for home care is spurring rapid growth of artificial intelligence in remote patient monitoring. The $182 million market is expected to more than quadruple to $793 million over the next five years, according to Research And Markets

Home care firms also are leveraging technology to fill caregiver gaps by monitoring patients for falls, gathering data on the best way to provide services and matching patients with caregivers.