group of nurses at table

While you may only see them in scrubs, home care nurses live rich and full lives away from the workplace. That is according to findings of a new survey from connectRN and The Nursing Beat, which polled 1,300 RNs. Of those 1,300, 50% reported having a “side hustle” or alternative method of earning income. 

For many nurses, the “side hustle” offers an opportunity to pursue new skills, follow passions, make money and achieve balance while handling the hectic world of nursing. Some examples include driving for rideshare or food delivery apps, tutoring, continuing education and many more. Who could blame them? As Nursing Beat puts it, “Burnout is among the common influences hurting healthcare workers. Routine shifts already last 12+ hours, and many involve overnight work. Workloads have become more intense than ever, with 62% of nurses reporting an increase since COVID started.” 

There are other recent signs of nurses’ distress. A recent survey found that 1 in 3 nurses plan to look for a different occupation. Also, the connectRN survey found 6 in 10 nurses feel that their job interferes with their life.

Clearly, nurses are looking for more from their professions. Maintaining a work-life balance appears to be a crucial factor when it comes to picking a nursing job. Flexible scheduling is a big incentive among job seekers. One Vivan Health survey found that scheduling and commute times rank just below wages in priorities when searching for a new position. 

So what do nurses plan to do with their side gigs? Of these 1,300 respondents, 80% said they have ambitions to start their own businesses and 50% are driven by the need for extra money, connectRN said. 

While the findings of the survey can be interpreted in a number of different ways, it is clear that they show the modern nurse is looking for more than work; they are looking for respect and to grow themselves professionally. So note to providers: The next time you hire a nurse, remember their nursing hat may be one of many they are wearing. 

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