Senior Bina Luther, caregiver Jessica Howard and Honeybun pose for picture.

Bina Luther and her care manager, Jessica Howard, have developed a strong bond in the almost year they have known each other. 

“Jessica is wonderful. She is so sweet to me,” Luther said.

Luther, who is completely independent, lives in Eagle Rock, CA. Howard makes a weekly clinical check-in and helps Luther keep up-to-date with her friends and doctors, while also helping Luther to manage her medication. 

These visits at first were purely clinical in nature, but now the two’s relationship has grown. Both consider each other to be a dear friend. The pair spend time doing art and crafts together, talking about each other’s weeks, gardening together and much more. They also enjoy catching up on the latest episodes of Jeopardy! 

Luther, who celebrated her 98th birthday in January, has lived in the Southern California area her entire life. Despite her advanced age, she is still active and participates in a wide range of activities, including Pilates three times a week. 

“We can’t even hold a candle to her social calendar,” Howard said. 

Howard works for Arosa, a care management and home care services company with locations in 10 states, including the San Gabriel Valley office where she was first assigned to Luther. Despite eventually moving to the Los Angeles office, she was able to keep caring for Luther due to their relationship.

“Jessica brings the best out in me,” Luther said. “I feel very comfortable with her.”

Outside of their friendship, Howard is responsible for attending Luther’s doctors appointments and relaying relevant information to her family and loved ones.

“From the information I learn during these appointments I am able to adjust the care plan and provide a comprehensive summary to any relevant parties,” she said.

Even with these responsibilities, Howard looks forward to the time she gets to spend with her good friend. 

“Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week,” Howard said. “Who wouldn’t want to start their day with coffee with Bina?”

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